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Youth Program


"The counselors at Lao Family taught me a lot. I learned how to speak differently, dress differently, talk differently and think differently about myself. I learned you need to stop being what other people want you to be and start being what you should be. My whole career in high school changed after that.” ~ Bobby Chantavong  

Since 1982, Lao Family has successfully served at-risk youth in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. We manage year-round Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Program in Oakland , which delivers one-on-one employment and educational services for low-income youth ages 14-21. Our Summer Youth Program serves 14-24 year olds, and starting in 2009, we offer Summer Youth Employment in Sacramento and Oakland.  


Services include life skills training, occupational training, academic tutoring, college preparation, and real-world work experiences, all with a goal towards:

  • Increasing the likelihood youth graduate from high school or obtain a GED
  • Encouraging youth to pursue post-secondary education, either through vocational training programs, community or four-year colleges
  • Increasing the likelihood for sustained employment by building job readiness skills
  • Building leadership and civic participation, and increasing confidence
  • Facilitating parent and care-giver involvement in their childrens' lives

Since 1995, WIA Youth Program participants and youth program staff have coordinated the Annual Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Empowerment Conference each summer. Attended by over 100 youth of all ethnic backgrounds, the conference helps participants develop leadership skills, identify academic and career goals, and access resources to direct them towards a successful future after high school. The conference offers an exceptional opportunity for a large, cross-cultural group to participate in open-minded exchanges of issues that can impact them today.


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