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Community estimates identify at least 450-500 Mien seniors in Oakland who arrived with their families in the early 1980’s as the last wave of post-Vietnam War refugees. All with little or no English-speaking skills and struggling with acculturation, these seniors are socially isolated with only their immediate family and other Mien community members available for support.


The Southeast Asian Seniors Program offers support and resources to Lao, Mien and Vietnamese seniors to promote their mental and physical health and address the need for a social and emotional network to help them feel connected to their communities as well as to their increasingly Americanized families. Services include:


  • Structured activities and local field trips
  • Educational workshops such as on how to open a bank account, use public transit, register to vote, or crime prevention
  • Celebrating special events such as Lao New Year
  • Intergenerational activities such as a luncheons with their grandchildren
  • Social adjustment and translation/interpretation services
  • Brown-Bag Program with the partnership of the Alameda County Community Food Bank
  • Individual counseling and referral services.