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 "I am very satisfied... I see other refugees who come from Thailand and Burma. They can’t speak English, and I worry. They need an agency to help them learn to live here. Lao Family can help.” ~ Kyaw Naing


Lao Family Community Development, Inc. (LFCD) assists diverse refugee, immigrant, limited English, and low-income U.S. born community members in achieving long-term financial and social self-sufficiency. We encourage our community members to establish goals, believe in themselves, and become active, contributing members of society.


Service Model 

We employ an integrated service model that strives to address the needs of the entire family unit covering a variety of core services including workforce, financial education, asset development, housing assistance, and income support services. Our objective is to help families achieve self-sufficiency in one generation whenever possible.


Core Strategies 

Our five key strategic initiatives to fulfill our mission include: 

  • Employment and Workforce Services for Adults
  • Youth Leadership, Education, and Career Development
  • Asset Development including Housing Counseling and Foreclosure intervention, Financial Education, IDA Savings accounts, and Income Support
  • Family Strengthening and Support Services
  • Affordable Housing and Neighborhood Economic Development