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Home Visit 

The "Hand to Hand” First 5 Program collaborative of Contra Costa County (CCC) partners Lao Family with Aspiranet, Bay Area Community Resources, and Neighborhood House of North Richmond. Hand to Hand offers a comprehensive home-visit program supported by CCC First 5 to help hard-to-reach-and-serve Asian and African-American families raise healthy children. The program targets low-income pregnant mothers, families of infants, teen mothers, and other at-risk households in West Contra Costa County (zip codes 94806, 94804, 94801) and helps them to raise healthy children in a caring, loving, and safe home. Hand to Hand engages pregnant women as well as new mothers and establishes connections built on trust in order to:


  • Effect a positive, healthy pregnancy and birth outcome
  • Introduce parenting education through one-on-one and peer support
  • Help shape nurturing relationships between parents and children
  • Promote and transmit literacy in the family’s home
  • Create successful linkages to other family-strengthening services and community referrals.