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Family Support


Low-income families new to the United States have a unique set of challenges that can magnify the effects of poverty. Limited-English abilities, limited education and transferable employment skills, and a lack of financial resources often bring instability and tension that can threaten the family structure. Lao Family provides multiple services that address these challenges:


  1. Seniors  Our Southeast Asian Senior Program promotes the mental, emotional, and physical health of elders and supports them in light of growing cultural gaps with their increasingly Westernized families
  2. Home Visit  Our “Hand-to-Hand” First 5 Program offers counseling and education to help at-risk families raise healthy children
  3. The Refugee Healthy Marriage  state-wide project promotes and maintains stable marriages and family units
  4. Victim’s Assistance  The Asian-American Special Crime Victim Assistance Program helps limited-English speaking victims of crime to navigate an unfamiliar, oftentimes confusing civil justice system
  5. Our Social Adjustment  services help immigrants transition to their new lives in the United States.
  6. Our Health and Well-Being Program helps members of various Asian increase wellness and reduce stress and connect with others to increase their sense of health and well-being.