Economic Development
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Economic Development


Over the past 16 years, Lao Family has managed several real estate development projects in Oakland and San Pablo. Please contact our Executive Director to inquire about rental space availability and partnership opportunities.

SAN Resource Center, Oakland 

The 30,000 square foot San Antonio (SAN) Resource Center serves as Lao Family's main office.  At this location we provide community members, businesses, and partners with unique integrated services to achieve economic stability and independence.

Rumrill Apartment Affordable Housing Project, San Pablo

In 1997, Lao Family co-developed 32 units of affordable housing in partnership with OCHI, using Low Income Housing Tax Credits and various grants and conventional loans.  The project has turned former industrial land into permanent housing

Rumrill Commercial Center Building, San Pablo

In 1999, Lao Family developed a 5,000 square foot commercial strip building. The building is fully rented out and consists of a neighborhood ethnic grocery store, Bay Area Air Quality Control Board, and Lao Family’s satellite office. This project was OCS funded and helped to create 21 jobs.

Rumrill Community Center, San Pablo 

In 2007, Lao Family purchased a mixed-used 5,500 square foot commercial and residential property. Thisspace will accomodate community events, educational workshops and offer family, early childhood and youthsupport services. Thebuilding'srenovation is partially completedalong with local changes such asa new cross walk signal, bike lanes, and bus stop improvements.

23rd Street Building, Oakland

In 1993, Lao Family renovated a 5,000 square foot former church which served as our main office until 2009. The building is currently available for rent.